Norwegian Forest Cat HCM DNA Research Project



April 2, 2008

Message below from Dr. Meurs:

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders and Fanciers: 

We are making progress on our HCM study and we are now at a point where we do need two things to help our progression: 

1. We now really need some samples from cats that we are pretty confident are NORMAL. So, ideally these would be older cats - 9 years of age without any history of cardiac disease and, ideally without a family history of HCM. I would like at least 20 if we can get them. We do not need very much DNA from these cats, so for older cats that an owner may not want to stress by a trip to the vet or for anyone who prefers, we will send out a swab kit. The sooner we can get these the better! People can email me directly for a kit and we will send them out. (

2. We really could use additional samples from AFFECTED cats if they are out there. Ideally for this a blood sample is best since it provides us much more DNA, but again, for people who have a sick cat that they do not want to stress, I can send them a swab kit. I have attached a submission sheet for people who plan on sending a blood sample. Again, the sooner we can get these the better!!!



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